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The Movado BOLD Motion, designed and developed in partnership with HP Inc., unites Movado’s legacy of artistry and design with HP’s engineering excellence and pioneering vision for wearable technology. Infused with Movado’s modern design aesthetic and harnessed with HP’s performance technology, the Movado BOLD Motion interprets digital connectivity with design-inspired ingenuity.

An illuminating design for the modern world, Movado BOLD Motion is ‘always on’, maintaining up to a full-week of smart module battery life. Combining beauty of design with exceptional performance, the BOLD Motion synthesizes Movado’s quest for design innovation with HP’s vision for inventive technology that seeks to change the way we live and work. This analog watch paired with smartwatch technology reports more than time, using subtle vibrations and visual cues to keep the user discreetly connected. Always in motion, the Movado BOLD Motion, compatible with iOS (8+) and Android (4.4+) smartphones, tracks progress on daily steps goals, notifies the user of incoming phone calls, texts and social media messages, and manages time and priorities through app-enabled functionality. Incorporating smart technology in a simple way, Movado’s interpretation of connectivity puts design first. Available now at Arnik Jewellers.

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