Don't let this happen to your watch. Replace your battery at Arnik Jewellers

There are many places you can go to get your watch battery replaced. From markets to shopping malls to small stalls. Some people also change the battery by themselves! So what's the difference? Why does it make a difference to take your watch to a professional? Why are there sometimes price differences for the same battery type?

Here we answer those questions:

1. Taking your watch to a professional watch specialist will ensure the correct battery is replaced, the correct tools are used to open and close your watch without damaging it and most importantly, a quality battery is used which will give your watch a longer life and will not leak when it runs out.

Don't let this happen to your watch:


At Arnik Jewellers, our staff are professionally trained to manage your watch. We have all the correct tools to open and close your watch and we use Renata Swiss Made batteries that are of the highest quality. No other battery in the market will give you a longer life. 

The problem with taking your watch to an untrained establishment is that there are high chances your watch will be damaged either internally or externally or both! Paying for a cheap battery doesn't always save you money in the long term. Cheaper batteries tend to leak acid when their life has ended which means your internal contacts and movement are now damaged. Leaving them like this will also mean corrosion. In the long term, this will mean replacing movements and parts which can be expensive.

 Arnik Jewellers will get your watch battery replaced in the right way, using the right tools and only using Renata batteries. Come instore today or contact us on 9057660202 for more information

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  • How much you charge to replace a battery in my watch.
    I have to change in 3 watches.

    Sonny Kumar

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