How good is the New Movado Motion?


There are plenty of 'smart' watches available in today's market. Digital screens, lots of features, sizes and materials. I cannot think of any models available in today's market which still looks like and acts like a normal watch though. This is where the new Movado Motion comes into play.

An amazing looking watch, Swiss made and powered by HP. It will track your steps, alert you when you have a phone call, text, email, meeting or a social media update. All of these are able to be custom set so you don't have to have an alert for everything. You can even set goals to show how far or over you have reached with your steps.

But the most impressive feature is that it is still a normal Swiss made watch. It's impressive vibration and light up of the entire rim of the dial as well as the Movado logo alerts you when any of the above alerts come up. 

Very easy to use, easy to set up and an extremely good looking Swiss watch priced very reasonably. 


The video guide of how it all works can be viewed by clicking here

The new Movado Motion watches are available now at Arnik Jewellers. Come in today to get yours!

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