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 - For years, I have been listening to naysayers talk about how current and future generations no longer need to wear a watch since they have their phones to tell time. This is one of my favorite and least favorite conversations because the naysayers are basically saying that I will be out of a job; so there's that. But is also opens up a conversation about why we wear watches in the first place and what is necessary in the first place. Yes, it is necessary that we wear clothes to work, school and in public each day. Women and men choose to accessorize with various ties, rings, earrings and shoes to project their personality and look stylish. It is not necessary to wear a watch but it is a personal choice.

Historically, there have always been alternate methods of telling time. Watches have usually been the choice of many but there have also been pocketwatches, wall clocks and nightstand alarm clocks. Today, you can fine the time on your microwave, your cable box, your computer and on the dashboard of your car. It is really not hard to find the time. When these technologies came to fruition, thy did not eradicate the wristwatch, which is why I get heated when people say that smartphones will do exactly that.

For some, a watch is simply a way to tell time and to stay on time throughout the day. But for a lot of us, watches are much more personal and emotional. 

As many of you might agree, some people just really enjoy wearing their watches and they become sort of a second skin. I don't even feel mine on my wrist anymore. Watches certainly tell the time, but they also tell a story and preserve a memory. My favorite and most-worn watch is one I bought for myself when I celebrated a career mile-stone. My fellow industry folks and watch collectors have bought timepieces to celebrate special moments in their lives. Whether it's a promotion, a big birthday, graduation, wedding, baby or maybe for no big reason at all. I recently made one of those purchases myself, oops. My point is that for a lot of us, a watch goes beyond simply knowing the time.

Our son is just three years old and has a new fascination with my watch. He loves to wear it around the house and I allow this because I find him adorable, but I hover like a hawk to make sure it doesn't end up on ceramic tile or in the garbage! I hope that he doesn't grow up relying on a phone to tell time and I plan to encourage him to wear a watch long before I pass down my watches to him. Perhaps he will get a little something from the Zurich airport this month after Baselworld. After all, you are never too young or too old to start wearing a watch. 

My very best,

Sara Orlando


Source: Watchtime magazine 


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